Immigration and Visas

The Panamanian Legislation on Immigration has developed a number of alternatives in order to offer the foreigners different options to reside or transit through the Country. The following are some of the most common visas requested from the Panamanian Immigration Department:

1. Tourist Visa for non-immigrants

This type of visa could be obtained by a foreigner that visits Panama during a maximum of 30 days for recreation or observation purposes. This visa could be extended for a period of 60 days until 90 days.

2. Visa for Temporary Visitors non-immigrants

A temporary visitor is the foreigner that obtains a visa for one of the following purposes: to visit his/her family, to be under a medical procedure, to enter in an educational center as student, to carry out agriculture projects, to develop a scientific, cultural, educational, religious or humanitarian mission under the auspicious of a well-known institution, to be part of the staff of any foreign embassy, to enter as technician, to enter as executive of a international company, to enter as executive of any company established in the Colon Free Zone, to be a marine, to enter as retired person, within others.

In view of the construction of the third lock of the Panama Canal, companies that have won bidding contracts for such construction has been on the need to import foreign workers into Panama. With the aim of satisfying this need we offer our customers the ability to pursue visas and work permits for permanent and temporary employees of the Panama Canal authority based on the law 45 of 31 august 1999.

3. Immigrant Visa as investor

In order to be eligible for this type of visa the foreigner must invest directly to a Panamanian Company with a minimum authorized capital of One Hundred Sixty Thousand dollars ($160,000) per applicant. It is also a requirement that such company employs a certain amount of Panamanians that should receive a salary no less than the one established by the local legislation.

4. Immigrant Visa under self economic solvency

To apply for this type of visa, the aspirant must prove before the Immigrant Authorities that he/she counts with self monetary sources to cover his/her own expenses and those of his/her families, in case the family will also immigrate to the Country.

Multiple Exit and Entry Visa

For all Visa applicants, bearing a Three Months Processing Card, can procure a Multiple Exit and Entry Permit if they wish to leave and re-enter the country during the time that they are waiting for their Visa Approval.

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